Monday, December 6, 2010

To My Readers: Some Changes Are a'Comin'...

High Fives All Around!

Rather than posting my normal break from the insanity today, I decided to do something that I haven't done yet.  As I approach the 1,000 view-mark, I have received a lot of feedback as to how this blog is done and where it is headed in the future.  So, I want to quickly address some of the things that have come to my attention in the past couple weeks.

1) How serious do you want people to take you?  Is this supposed to be a funny blog or an informative one?
     -Excellent question.  I want people to take me serious enough that they are at least intrigued by what I have to say.  I encourage people not to take what I say at face value, even if they agree with me, and to instead go out and look up the information on their own.  While I definitely want this to be funny, I am trying not to be completely random about it.  For example, the post on wireless devices?  You probably won't see one like that again.  

2) Is all of your information accurate or do you exaggerate/make some up?
     -If I do either of those things, it isn't on purpose.  While I doubt my information is inaccurate, know that if it is, I haven't changed anything to suit my views and opinions.  A lot of the things I write about are just common sense issues that most humans, regardless of political view, should know.  

3)What is this blog about, really?
     -I have been toying with a niche for awhile now.  While it originally started with me being angry towards things that are outlandish (to me, anyway), I have found that some things don't really fit the theme of giving people a break from the insane culture we have found ourselves in.  Once I have exhausted my current slate of things that have already happened, I do intend to focus more on current events, politics, and religion.  Yes, religion.  I know it's a touchy subject, but someone needs to man up and talk about it.  

4) So movies, books, entertainment stuff...?
     -Will eventually fall by the wayside, unless I deem it important enough to talk about.  

5) Ideally, what do you hope to gain from this?
     -Discussion.  I want to promote discussion.  I have family in Oregon that read this blog almost everyday, and they have told me that it has become a frequent topic during dinner conversations.  That is what I want: to get people talking, and having discussions with each other.  

6) It seems like you are just angry with the things that you don't agree with...
     -Yes, I understand that.  And it's something I'm working on.  Bias is going to infiltrate anything that anybody writes or discusses, so I can't help that.  It's also hard to be funny when you are trying to look at both sides.  Instead, I want to focus on one side- mine- and hope that people with opposing views comment.  I promise not to bite.  I know my posts are filled with strong language, but I have no intention of calling anybody out for their views.  Personal attacks are not my thing.  If you want that, go talk to Maddox.  If you don't believe me on this promise, go check out the post on terrorists, and scroll down to the comments.  I got some negative feedback, and I replied quite nicely.

7) Anything to look forward to?
     -Absolutely.  Around Christmas, I plan on messing with some details and seeing what Blogger can really do.  I want to get a header in here and make it look professional.  I also really don't enjoy the term "blog", nor do I want people coming to this page thinking they are going to read my online diary.  If I thought you all cared about the daily activities of my cats, I would probably notice a decrease in my daily viewers.  I want to push to get my own domain name, and make it a pool of knowledge and humor rather than someone venting.  

Now that those are out of the way, here are some things to expect that I have garnered from the feedback:

1) 9 out of 10 posts will be about religion, politics, and current events.  
2) Posts that are silly or humorous will be titled "RAGE POST" so that people clicking on them will know not to expect any real information to be gained.  Some examples of good Rage Posts would be my posts on Wireless Devices, Michael Bay, and The 10 Movies I Hate (which, for some reason, is extremely popular).
3) Starting next week, I will be doing a Top Ten Tuesday.  Yes, it was Top Ten Friday, but Top Ten Tuesday sounds so much better, and I can abbreviate it to "Triple T"or "TTT".  This will almost always be more hilarious than informative, but we'll see what topics I come across when thinking of Top Ten ideas.
4) While I enjoy linking my sources right into the text of the post itself, a lot of people don't really notice it or care to click the link.  I don't want people thinking that I am just making shit up, so I will be putting a superscript number after each link.  At the bottom of the post, I will put the matching superscript number to the actual website link, along with a brief explanation of the site.  If I get it from a book, I will say so, but obviously there will be no link to post.

This is the final thing, but it is perhaps the most important, so I am going to write it big and change the text to a noticeable color.  Ready for it?

I cannot speak for people of opposing viewpoints.  I want and encourage everyone to comment on any read post.  I don't care if it's "This is great!" or "You suck lolz", just give me some feedback.  I promise not to make you feel like dirt if your comment is of the opposing view.  You will get an intelligent, non-offensive reply.  Also, please note that you can make your comment anonymous!  Even if you are related to me or are a really good friend, you can choose to be anonymous so that no one else on the web knows it's you!

I also encourage all readers to join the Facebook Fan Page.  This isn't to inflate my own ego, it is so that I can reach my readers and feel some kind of connection with you.  You won't get Facebook stalked (I really don't care about anybody else's profile but my own).  Search "A Sane Break" on Facebook, and just hit "Like".  It's simple, and cool, and all of your friends are doing it.  PEER PRESSURE.

Finally, I want to thank all of you that have been supportive of this blog so far.  You guys have been great!  Keep up the reading, keep up the good feedback, and start spreading the sanity!    

I totally mean this...

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