Monday, May 30, 2011

The Hate Groups You Love To Hate.

What's funnier than these two sociopathic groups in today's
modern world of pro-tolerance?  How about the KKK calling
the Westboro Baptist Church a bunch of lunatics?

Today was a beautiful day for most of the country, and not just in terms of the weather.  Memorial Day is a time to observe the courage of our soldiers both past and present; a time to reflect on what they have done and given up so that the rest of us can feel safe.

Traditionally, Memorial Day is also a day in which we get together with our families and have the first big barbecue of the Summer.  Oh, I should be more specific here.  Those of us who aren't shunned from the rest of society because of our bat-shit insane views get together with our family.  The rest of us get together with our "clan"/"cult" and ruin the majesty of such a day with our pessimistic attitudes and hemorrhoid-like personalities.  

Today, President Obama led the nation's observance of Memorial Day, as all presidents do, at the Tomb of the Unknowns in the Arlington Cemetery (I know that sounds like some quest objective in a fantasy land, but that is in fact what it's called).  But of course, the Westboro Baptist Church showed up in their van, bringing with them their characteristic depressing signs and their dark, hovering cloud of hate.  If you don't know who the WBC is, I suggest you crawl out of your box and search the internet for "modern day tumors of society".