Sunday, December 5, 2010

Republican Senators Don't Listen To Their Constituents.

Well, once you are finished proving your point, please blame the Democrats
for not doing their jobs.  As an American, I am stupid enough to believe you.

Yesterday, the United States Senate shot down an extension of the Bush Tax Cuts that would have cut taxes for families earning under $250,000.  Everyone above that limit would be taxed.  But Republicans wouldn't have it.  "Everyone must have the cuts," they said.  Yes, because the wealthy 1% of America can't afford to hand over a little bit more money.  I'm sorry, but if you can't live comfortably making more than $250k a year, you might be addicted to spending money.  Or really hard to please.  It's also worth mentioning that the House of Reps passed the bill earlier on.

So many things piss me off about this.  There is no reason why any family making more than $250k should be that upset about this.  To put this amount of money into perspective, as a future teacher, I'll be lucky if I make roughly $50k a year at the highlight of my career.  If I wanted to not have my taxes cut, I would need to teach at five different schools everyday of the week, getting paid at each one.  In other words, I'd be working 24/7, and I still wouldn't make enough money (school day= 6 hours, 5 schools X 6 hours at each= 30 hours a day which is literally not possible).  

Here's what made me even more upset.  In an effort to end the debate and show a bit of kindness, the Democrats said, "Okay.  Let's assume $250,000 a year per family isn't enough.  Maybe American parents have become rabbits and are popping out twelve kids per household.  Let's push a bill through that would cut taxes for any family that makes less that $1 million."  What did Republicans say?  "Tax cuts for all!  I make more than a million and I don't want to be taxed!  The lobbyists that pay me don't want to be taxed either!  Tax cuts for all!"

I'm sorry, but if any family, even a family of ten kids, two parents, and Clifford the Big Red Dog can't live off of a million dollars a year, than someone needs to either move the fuck out, or get a job.  Take Clifford out back and tell the kids he had rabies or something.  That should save money on... whatever he eats.  

But what is this really about?  Not too long ago, every Republican in the Senate vowed that they would not vote on anything until the issue of the tax cuts was solved.  Now that Democrats have said, "Okay, then let's shift gears and resolve it", Republicans refuse to pass it.  Why?  Because they are waiting for the new Senators to come in.  Sure, Democrats still have the Senate majority, but it isn't by much.  If the Republicans can hold out long enough, they will be able to get things done how they want it.  Sure, they look like douches, but come 2012 when Obama is up for reelection, they will be able to say, "What did Obama do in the past two years!?  NOTHING!"  And America will be stupid enough to believe them, even though it was the Republicans that stopped him from doing anything in the first place.

I want it noted that I am not targeting all of America's Republicans.  That is not fair of me to do.  I am targeting the incumbent (R) Senators and the incoming (R) Senators.  The fact of the matter is, the state of the economy is not hurting 99.9% of families over the $250k salary line.  It is the poor and middle classes that are feeling its bite.  And while the Democrats are voting the way their constituents are telling them to vote (which is how a democracy fucking works), Republicans are thinking of nobody but themselves.  If this bill passes in the way that Obama and the Democrats want it to, then Republicans are going to lose their tax cuts and probably a lot of money from their lobbyist friends.  And if the Democrats, who I'm sure also make more than $250k a year, are willing to lose their tax cuts in order to help the people in need in this country, then why can't the Republicans?

I think "stupid" just about sums it up.

I do want to mention one last thing that I hope will put this whole issue to rest.  Regardless of what you may think, there have been numerous scientific studies that show how little money affects happiness past a certain amount of income.  In fact, if one family makes more than $200k/year, there is little to no difference between their level of happiness, and a family that makes $600k/year.  Unfortunately, I lost the scientific graph with the data on it, so this one will have to do.

I do like how simple the graph is, but I suppose it is too simple to really prove my point.  Still, you get the idea.  At the exact middle of the "X" axis is roughly $200k.  As you can see, the happiness raises very slowly past this point, practically plateauing out.  I can't remember if the line actually starts to drop at one point, or if it just straightens out.  

So, to recap my anger:
-Republicans aren't happy with tax cuts for just families making less than $1 million.  It has to be everyone.
-Income past a certain point has no affect on your level of happiness.
-In 2012, I guarantee that Republicans will point the finger at Obama and the Democrats and ask, "What have they accomplished?"  And before anyone can say a damn thing, they will shout, "NOTHING!"
-If you can't afford to feed your family on $250k/year, you need to kill your pets, make one of your lazy ass self entitled kids work, kill one of them, or stop spending your money on stupid shit.  You can live without your cleaning lady, believe me.  
-If you can't afford to feed your family on $1 million/year, that is pathetic, and you probably shouldn't be allowed to live.  In fact, you're so irresponsible with money, it should be taken from you and given to people that need it.  
-Republicans don't listen to their constituents.  They vote with themselves and the 1% of wealthy Americans (*coughthemselvescough*) in mind.

If you are a Republican and you feel like defending your senator on this matter, please comment below. Unfortunately, I refuse to have a battle of the minds with an unarmed Republican, so your comment will probably go unanswered and unnoticed.*

*Kidding.  Bring it on.

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