Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Demopocalypse - Part II.

You, sir, are correct.

This post will be brief and not cover a specific politician, but rather a trait of the entire democratic party.  What is that, you ask?  Well, when comparing the republicans and the democrats, one thing in particular stands out: how soft-spoken the democrats are.

And by "soft-spoken", I mean complete and utter pussies.  The political sphere is brutal, and there simply is no room for the "let's all play nice and compromise" attitude that the democrats repeatedly try to bring to the table.  Republicans are bombastic, loud, and always act like someone is behind them, slowly shoving a stick up their ass.   Look what happened in 2008!

The dems tried so hard to push compromise, and what did the republicans - outnumbered almost 3 to 1 -  do?  They made the dems look like complete incompetent fucktards, a move that resulted in the dems losing their majority in the House in 2010.  Why did the democrats bother?  The republicans made it absolutely clear that they would make sure that President Obama would fail, and that he would be a one term president.  When George Bush was president, such talk would have been close to treason, but with a democrat in the white house?  Hah, game on motherfuckers!

What really tickled my giblets about the whole 2008-2010 period was that the republicans were whining about making things more "fair" while simultaneously embarrassing the democrats.  Example: the democrats would compromise with the republicans on some issues, expecting a return of the favor.  But no, the republicans wouldn't have it.  If they didn't get what they wanted, no one would.  Genius?  As much as it pains me to say it, yes.   

My point is that the democrats cannot play politics.  It takes someone devoid of a heart to play the game, and the democrats just don't have the strength to grow a spine (or some balls) to fight back.  Until the left wises up and learns what kind of fear-machine they're dealing with, we're going to keep getting repeats of 2000-2012.  It'll be an endless, godforsaken cycle.

If you, dear reader, take any of my words to heart... let it be these three.

People are frustrated.  On one side, we have this psychotic, over the top group of hateful individuals that are trying to put the church where it doesn't belong, and on the other we have a group of spineless pansies that are too afraid of their own goddamn shadow to push their ideas in a public forum.  The democrats are babies, and the republicans are grumpy old people so... where are the middle-aged reasonable people hiding in our government?

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