Saturday, February 5, 2011

"You Play Video Games? So Are You Fat, Ugly, Or Slutty?"

Some people are just... just awesome.

Now, I normally don't do this, but thanks to a friend's message last night, I discovered a new and quickly blossoming site known as  The site is devoted to the lewd and just pure awful messages that guys send women over Xbox Live (and they are indeed accepting submissions for PC, the Wii, and the PS3 as well!).  While the majority of these messages are disgusting, the ladies over at FUoS have decided to take the high road and laugh them off.  

In that context, the pictures are hilarious... assuming you can get over the fact that a guy actually wrote something like that and then decided to send it to a female gamer.  I for one applaud these ladies.  While a lot of people (myself included) would get extremely pissed if someone sent such crass messages, these women are merely laughing it off.  Oh, and they are also posting your gamertag onto the internetz so... some of you might want to watch what you say.

...Or don't!  Give them more material!  Their site has quickly exploded to an estimated 400,000 views a month; a fantastic accomplishment for a new website.  

So head over to FUoS and see how awesome it really is.  And remember: girls are pretty good at games too.  Just because you have a penis does not make you Lord of All Things Virtual.  Sometimes it just makes you a dick.

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