Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Republicans Sure Love Their Flip-Flops.

What does Dick Cheney, Barbara Bush, Cindy McCain, and 
Laura Bush all have in common? (Hint: NOT Breasts)

If you guessed "they now all believe in gay marriage", you're correct! 

I suppose having a Democrat in the office of the president, coupled with the fact that elections are next year, is enough to make any logically-thinking Republican do a complete 180 on views that they "have always had".  All of a sudden, these four are saying that "Obama isn't doing enough to support marriage equality".  I'm sorry, say that again former staunch opponents of gay marriage.  I couldn't quite hear you over the sheer amount of bullshit spewing from your mouth.

Just like Boehner's crocodile tears, the Republicans are throwing yet another clever monkey wrench at President Obama and his administration, causing him to choose between the GLBT vote and the Bible Belt vote (as if most of those ignorant morons would vote for "that there Mus-lam" anyway).  

In a recent twenty-two second "PSA", Barbara Bush (not the old hag that helped South Carolina succeed from the Union back in 1860) spoke out in favor of marriage equality and, of course, the big-wig Republicans were immediately behind her saying that Obama hasn't done enough for GLBT community.  I call bullshit on that, first of all.  Out of all of the commander-in-chiefs that this country has had, Barack Obama has done more for the GLBT community than most of them combined.  

Second of all, why are people listening to these flip-flopping Republicans?  Especially those in the GLBT?  If a Republican steps into office in 2012, does anybody really believe that their stance on gay marriage is going to change?  They are just telling you what you want to hear to get reelected!  



So stop listening to these idiots.  Form your own opinion on gay marriage, and go look into everything that President Obama has done for the GLBT community.  While it's unfortunate that we are a long way away from total marriage equality, I can tell you that we'd be even farther away with another Republican as president.  Do not underestimate these guys.  Ask the ladies, they'll tell you.  

Ok... so maybe Cheney and Bush HAVE supported marriage
equality for all of these years.  Aww, they are so in love!

... Try and un-see that, world.

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