Friday, August 3, 2012

Expanded Birth Control Access Equal To Tragedies Of 9/11 And Pearl Harbor.

This is a story that should piss off everyone, no matter what side of the political spectrum you fall on.  In a speech on the House floor last Wednesday (8/1/12), Representative Mike Kelly (R-PA) had this to say about the expansion of birth control access for women:

“I know in your mind you can think of the times America was attacked.  One is December 7 — that is Pearl Harbor Day. Another was September 11 — that was the day of the terrorist attack.  I want you to remember August 1, 2012 — the attack on our religious freedom. That is a date that will live in infamy, along with those other dates.”

August 1st was the day that marked the beginning of implementation for the Affordable Care Act's birth control mandate.  It was also, apparently, the day that 5,379* Americans died in the on-going War For Religious Freedom.

Why did the news not cover this horrifying tragedy?  Because Kelly is full of shit.  I want to be very clear on something, here.  A United States Representative in the Legislative Branch compared women getting birth control to the tragedy of 9/11, and the horrific assault on Pearl Harbor. 

Instead of backing down on his comments, Kelly said that the birth control mandate is “an undeniable and unprecedented attack on Americans’ First Amendment rights.”

Actually, sir, telling women that they can't receive birth control due to the religious feelings of others is the real attack on our First Amendment rights.  If you don't want it, don't take it.  And what does Mike Kelly have to worry about, anyway?  Is someone force feeding him the birth control pill?

Shut the fuck up, Kelly.  You are insulting our intelligence and you're insulting the victims of those tragedies (and their families) by making such a shitty comparison.  Nobody wants to hear it. 

I liked you better when I was unaware of your existence. 

*Total death count for 9/11 and Pearl Harbor combined.


Brendan said...

I personally believe that men should have no say in the birth control debate. We as men cannot, in good conscience, tell women what they can and cannot do with their bodies.

samantha jacob said...

It is better to stop the birth control pills because its effective pain medication.


A Sane Break said...

I totally agree, Brendan. We have no say whatsoever in what a woman does with her own body.

Samantha, could you clarify your comment? I'm not sure if you're saying you're for or against contraceptive use.