Thursday, June 21, 2012

Mitt Romney To Govenor Scott: Your Good News Is Clashing With My Narrative.

One of the biggest issues of the 2012 election is who can create more jobs, President Obama or Mitt Romney.  With a dropping unemployment rate since August of 2011 (excluding last month, of course), it's hard to argue that what Obama is doing isn't working.  The U.S. is, despite the roadblocks set up by a Republican Congress, crawling out of the Great Recession that the president inherited from George Bush.

"But, Shaun!" you might say.  "The president had a Democratic majority in the House and the Senate from 2008 to 2010.  Why didn't he get more done then?!"  Read up on what a filibuster is or, better, how many times the Republicans used it, then get back to me.

Unfortunately, a dropping unemployment rate, more jobs, and a better economy is not good news for Romney and the Republican Party.  That's what most of their platform this election is built on - the idea that President Obama cannot do what's right for America.  Only Romney can fix it.  If Romney can't get elected, then all of their obstructionism over the last four years will have been for nothing!

Here's the issue: Romney isn't the only Republican trying to get elected.  No governor, for example, wants to say that they haven't created any jobs, or that the local economy is crap because of their leadership.  But, according to two of his campaign officials, that's what Romney wants them to do. 

Governor Rick Scott of Florida has seen eleven straight months of dropping unemployment numbers, and asked his supporters to spread the news on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.  This did not bode well with the Romney campaign.

According to an article on (emphasis mine):

"Since positive economic messages directly contradict Romney’s central campaign push — convincing voters that Obama has made the economy worse — the Romney campaign would prefer to downplay any signs of recovery. 

"In fact, the Romney campaign has directly asked Gov. Rick Scott (R-FL) to “tone down” his positive statements about Florida’s improving economy because they inconveniently clash with Romney’s national narrative. Two campaign officials confirmed that Scott has been asked to instead say that his state’s economy would improve under a Republican presidency..."

Awww, poor Mitt Romney.  Is reality too inconvenient for you?  Well, you know what?  Too fucking bad.  Facts aren't always going to favor you (especially you), no matter how much you try to ignore them or alter them.  You can either adopt a different strategy, or pray that the unemployment numbers rise for June and July.  I'd go with the first one.  The latter option would kind of make you sound like a dick. 

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