Monday, July 18, 2011

Demopocalypse - Part IV...and V... and VI...and VII.

So... I made an "oopsie" when I said that I'd be doing seven posts in a row about the Democratic party, in that I hadn't actually planned out what each day would be devoted to.  I am very happy with the three posts I have so far and will, in fact, treat you all to one more good'un before this is all said and done.  Honestly, there are too many delicious news items to feast on.  Here I am digging up dirt on Democrats I don't particularly care for, while Michele Bachmann's husband is accused of running a clinic that "turns" gay men straight, and a British tabloid run by the owner of Fox News is obliterated overnight due to a hacking scandal.

Regardless, I promised two sentences ago that I'd deliver one more for you, and I decided to deliver it in the form of a curve ball.  Heads up!

I said "heads up".  Don't you listen?

Shocked?  You probably shouldn't be.  I'm going to lay this out straight: Not only did I vote for Obama, but if I could go back to 2008 and revote, I'd do it again.  And hell, I'll probably vote for him in 2012, considering his Republican opponents all seem to have escaped from the same lunatic asylum.  I am pleased with a lot that he is done, and will stand up for him against all the dumb ass rumors being slung his way by the right (see my other post on him).

However, like any American that pays attention to our government (yeah, all 200 of us), I have my gripes.  For example, when Obama was campaigning, he ran on the palate-cleansing platform of "this government is corrupt, and the corrupt need to get rooted out in order for things to work."  You can't expect a different result with the same people in the higher offices of government, or with the same Senators that have been in the Senate since 1910.

Sooooooooooooooo what the hell happened to that?  Senators still have no term limits.  President Obama has a lot of cabinet members that have been working in the government for years.  And the guys that caused this economic disaster probably still have the keys to the almost empty government treasury.  What the fuck?

Don't get me wrong, I love a lot of the things the president has done so far - like making government more transparent, and making lobbyists less so - but the fabric of corruption that has embedded itself in even the lowest levels of American government is just sickening.  The governor of my state, for example, seems like the perfect candidate for a mob boss.  I would think that, out of all the campaign promises a presidential candidate makes, "rooting out corruption" would be close to the top of their to-do list.

Another issue I have with President Obama harkens back to my earlier post about the Democrats.  Now, I'm sure you're wondering, "Did he just use the word 'harkens'?"  Yes, reader, yes I did.  And I loved it.

Obama has this nice guy attitude about bipartisanship which, honestly, I really liked at first.  As someone who isn't a fan of the party-system, I would have liked to see both controlling parties in the Senate and House work together to fix our crumbling economy.  But the Republicans wouldn't have it.  Senator Mitch McConnell even promised that the biggest goal of his party was to ensure that President Obama was a "one-term president".  If I were Obama, that's about when the gloves would have come off.  Instead, three years later, the two parties are arguing like school boys over the last chocolate milk - both might want it, but if someone doesn't get it soon, lunch is going to be over, and no one will get it.    

The president doesn't really have much sway over how the economy gets fixed.  That's more of the legislative branch's job.  Still... holy shit.  Someone needs to start slapping some sense into someone down there in D.C., because I don't have the extra money in my pocket to head down there and do it myself, nor the time to waste away in prison for slapping a senator.

C'mon, Obama.  It's getting really depressing.  Your first 100 days?  You blew us all away.  And now look.  You were supposed to be the newly crafted spine of the Democratic party.  The bionic support system of what was rapidly becoming a group of cry-babies.  Now you're just one of them.  Is their dismal demeanor that contagious?

Woah, Mr. Grumpy Glower.  Let's dial it back a bit.

I, uh.... I guess so.  It's sad, really.  The democrats outnumber the republicans and yet, because the republicans are louder, the democrats have the smallest voice.  It probably doesn't help that the republicans have the democrats' balls in a vice grip.  

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