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So...Senate... Might I Humbly Inquire As To What The F**k Is Going On?

This might be giving incumbent Senate Republicans too much credit... to say
they made it past the first biped on that chart is insulting to the rest of us.

Yes, yes, there was no post yesterday.  I'm sure you were all heartbroken over my absence.  The reason nothing was put up was because I hesitated to write an update as to what the Legislative Branch is doing.  Why?  Well, it's roughly due to the fact that they are all fucking over the place.  One day it's Tax Cuts, the next day it's Don't Ask Don't Tell, and the next day you have someone filibustering for over eight hours.  Yes, I said eight hours.  Could you imagine listening to someone- sorry, something (as he is a politician)- talk for that long?  I'm sure they had people on the Senate floor just shoveling that bullshit into wheelbarrows by the third hour of his "speech".

I also didn't write anything yesterday because I was too enraged by what little news that crossed into our sane world absent of tangible federal government.  Also, please note, it is no longer a sane world thanks to aforementioned news.  Actually, it never really was.  Don't wrap yourself up in a false sense of sane security.  It won't work, trust me.  

Anyway, two major things happened since Thursday that I feel are important to talk about.  There were also a few minor things here and there that I will get to, time permitting.  The first thing is...

The Senate LIMBO contest! .......Er....I mean....
Yeah, the tax cut shit again....

This isn't going to be a long ordeal that I'm going to drag you through.  You've probably heard enough about taxes in the last couple days to make you an honorary economist (or Sheriff of Nottingham... your choice).  Basically, what happened was the Democrats in the House1 took one look at the "compromise" from the Senate and wiped their asses with it.  To this I say, kudos!  It's about time you Democrats manned the fuck up.  Yeah, I know it isn't the Senate Dems, but hey, I this is a good start.  By shooting down the compromise, the House gave President Obama the political equivalent of a "mulligan" or, in non-golfer lingo, a "do-over because that first one totally didn't happen".  Alright, Obama, here we go.  It's time to show those Republicans that you mean some serious goddamn business here.  The 1% of us that don't sit on our millions of dollars are counting on you to rip this whole deficit thing a new one, not feed it more tears from the poor.  Oh, and by the way, you've got like... a week.  So... I'd get on that shit.

Let's see, what's up next?  Oh, right, more heartbreak.  This one comes from the Senate again.  Yay.

"What's that?  All this dust and shit is going to give me severe medical problems?
Oh, that's cool.  I'm a hero.  I'm sure my government will step in to help me in this
extreme and unfortunate circumstance.  Right?.....Right?"

Sorry, man.  I really am.  But, unfortunately, it doesn't look like the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave is going to help you on this one anytime soon2.  I won't make any jokes about this issue because what happened is just too fucking awful.  The bill in question- the James Zadroga 9/11 Health and Compensation Act of 2010- would have provided free medical benefits and compensation for all of the brave men and women that arrived on the scene of the WTC disaster nine years ago.  This same piece of legislation came up earlier this year as well, and I remember the reason it was shot down then.  Republicans can say what they want, but the damage has been done, and I won't forget.  I couldn't find the news clip of what happened a few months ago*, but despite the fact that Republicans say the price tag is "too hefty", the real reason is because some of the responders were illegal immigrants and they do not deserve free medical aid.  I will say that again.  Senate Republicans are unwilling to help the 9/11 responders because a few of them might be illegal immigrants, who risked their lives to help American citizens.  If it were up to me, those that were not citizens before bravely entering the WTC would be citizens now.  And so would their entire fucking families.  I'm sorry, but this  whole situation is fucked.  Here's a clip from The Daily Show about it.  I can't stand talking about this anymore.    

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Republicans Block 9/11 Health Care Bill
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As for the other things to mention, it's really nothing surprising.  Don't Ask Don't Tell is still hanging around, waiting for this tax cut thing to fly by.  The Republican Senator from my state, interestingly enough, is in favor of its repeal, but she refuses to vote because she wants it done right.  I'm not sure if I should be proud or frustrated with her.

Oh, and yes, Vermont's Independent Senator, Bernie Sanders, gave a speech that went from 10:24 AM to 6:59 PM.  He basically rattled on about how he was opposed to the tax cut thing that the Republicans were trying to push through.  Thanks for making us Independents not look crazy, jackass.  

Yeah, I'm still pretty bummed out about the failure of the Zadroga Act.  I'll try to lighten the mood tomorrow.  Until then, let me know what you think about what the Republicans are doing in the Senate.  If you are a Republican, maybe you can explain something that I'm not seeing (I would really appreciate that, trust me).  And no, I will not attack you or your beliefs.  I'm trying to promote discussion here!

This shit cracks me up every time.  I hope you got a laugh out of it, readers.  
After that depressing, cynical post, you deserve it.

1.) House Democrats Defy Obama on Tax Cut Bill- CNN Article

2.) 9/11 Responders Bill Defeated By Senate GOP Filibuster- CNN Article

3.) Video courtesy of The Daily Show
*Please note, this was the GOP's excuse during the Summer of 2010, and I believe it was the House GOP, not the Senate.  While I am sure their views are the same, I cannot say that this is an accurate statement for what happened this month.  It was, however, more than accurate five-six months ago.

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