Monday, October 15, 2012


I suck.  To all of my loyal(ish) readers, let me be the first to say it: I suck.  Hard.  These last few months have brought about some huge life changes for me, and I haven't had the time (nor have I been in the right state of mind) to write.

This includes my Addicting Info side work.  I haven't written for them either and, quite frankly, that blows.  Ask any of their editors.  They miss my colorful fucking language.

I have been keeping up with politics and the like (don't you worry about that) so that, when it comes time for me to write again, I won't be all lost and confused.  Quick side-note: that Romney video of him talking about that "47%" really pissed me off.  He deserves a special place in Hell for that comment.

Onto the meat of the matter.  I probably won't be writing anything solid for just a few more weeks.  My goal is to be able to start updating again by the first week of November.  Yes, just in time for the presidential election.

To the few followers I've gained in my brief absence: Welcome!  And to the handful I had before well, thanks for sticking around.  Bear with me for just a bit longer.  It'll be worth it.

I'll bring snacks.

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Brendan Grant said...

If you bring snacks, make sure they're tasty one, and not the bullshit "healthy for you" ones.