Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Self-Congratulations Are In Order.

So it seems as though I should be patting myself on the back right now for raking in almost 3,000 views yesterday, as well as a handful of followers.  Of course, I am constantly patting myself on the back for everything I do because I'm awesome as fuck.  I'll just pick up the tempo a bit to compensate.

Ugh, I'm sorry.  Where are my manners?  Welcome, welcome, one and all to one of the only remaining sane places left in America - my little site.  As you may have garnered from reading the 150+ posts previous to this one, I love to thoroughly trash ignorance.  It's one of my favorite pastimes (next to hopscotch and skipping rope).  This particular love of mine often latches on to the absurdities coming out of today's Republican Party - the circus of science-denying freaks and fiction worshippers of America's right-wing.

But fair is fair, and I'll call bullshit on my own "side" if I have to.  This is rare, as some of you may understand.  We all live in our own social media bubble, letting in only things that agree with us and telling the things we don't to kindly fuck off.

I'm a college student (almost fully indoctrinated), so don't expect a plethora of posts at a time.  One thing you gotta love about coming here, though?  No ads.  That's right.  I am running clean, baby!  Running clean and full of energy (thanks to Redbull, my energy drink of choice; Redbull: It gives you wings).  You'll never see a popup or popdown while you're here, nor will any flashing animations distract you from hearing my liberal word-vomit.  That I promise you.  If you want that experience though, I do write for Addicting Info.  It's probably how most of you found me.

Anyway, that's all for now.  I just wanted to say hello and introduce myself to all the new folk.  My name's Shaun, by the way.  What's yours?

...I don't care.

*Note: I was not paid by Redbull, nor did I request payment for the advertising.  It was a joke.  Really.  Why the hell are you still reading this?  I explained everything that you needed to hear.  Go away...  Go buy Redbull!


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Brendan Grant said...

I like Jumping Rope, TOO!