Tuesday, January 10, 2012

On A Personal Note...

My break between semesters at college is officially over and that means, unfortunately, I won't be posting quite as much.  I do not want to do what I did during the Fall of 2011 - you know, not post at all.  So I'll try and be better when it comes to that.

But there is good news!  As you all probably know, I am a blog-view, number hoarding, whore.  And I, with your help, of course, have passed the 7,000 mark.  Please, hold your applause.  I have had an influx of traffic recently, and while I'm not entirely sure why, I believe some of it has to do with my (ahem) colorful language and choice of google images. 

I'll tell you this much: some of your googling motherfuckers are sick.  I can see what keywords you google to find my site.  So whomever Google image searched for "dog ass"... gross, dude.  I hope you found what you were looking for because ya certainly didn't find it here.  Not that I checked or anything (I did).

Anyway, back on track here, the influx of traffic has made me want to take this whole blogging thing to another level.  That's right.  Say goodbye to "Blogger" and HELLO to Asanebreakfromtheinsanity.com!  More on that later.

I'm also going to try and step away from the political sphere from time to time and focus on just every day things that irritate everyone, like I was originally doing (check out my old stuff using the archives on the right-side of this text!).  My intent when I first created this blog wasn't to rail on Republicans as much as I have been doing, so I'm going to try and reel that in a bit.  Not everyone likes to talk about the insanity that is the U.S. government, and I feel as though I've lost a lot of viewers because they don't want to read about the depressing shit I've been writing on. 

In other words, as much as I like the informative posts, I'm going to try and balance out the information with the humor.  50-50, ya know?  I didn't like the way it was tilting: 90-10. 

So anyway, that's my update.  Keep checking in and definitely subscribe if you haven't already.  Other than finding me on Facebook (don't do that), subscribing is the absolute best way to keep up to date on my posts. 

You guys complete me.

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